Simple Landscaping Ideas

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, or just want to add to the beauty of your home then this section is just for you. In this section we provide you with some free landscaping ideas for your front yard, back yard and patio as well as landscape pictures and photographs that will be helpful regardless of whether you’re starting out on your first landscape project or whether you’ve been landscaping for some time. This section on landscape ideas includes practical, how-to guides and articles.

You will find the following landscaping ideas in this section:

Patio Ideas

The patio acts as the connection point in your landscape between your home and your garden. The patio does not need to be situated off the dining room, lounge or family room. In fact there is nothing wrong with having a series of interrelated patios that can be connected by steps, or a patio area that is detached from the house but next to the swimming pool, or even a loose standing patio totally secluded in the corner of your garden. Outdoor living can happen anywhere in your garden and you should not be curtailed by the design of a specific type of patio. In this section we’ll provide you with some patio ideas and patio plans you can use to design a patio. We cover three basic ideas on patio design and how to make the most of outdoor living making use of patios. The first of these patio, outdoor rooms, and outdoor living area ideas is a patio off the house, the second is a garden patio, and the third is a pool house patio.

Checkerboard paving

Paving forms an integral part of landscape design for the home garden, be it as pathways or focal points or features. It can also form part of your landscape design in dry, arid or desert areas. There is no need to break the bank when it comes to refreshing your dry garden beds. All that you may require to give it a little oomph is perhaps just the addition of a few pavers and some planting between the pavers. Checkerboard paving with planting or soft landscaping in between also works well in a small courtyard garden; it can provide a distinctly French look to an otherwise tired-looking garden bed in your courtyard.

In this section we provide you with all the information on how to do a checkerboard paved garden and give you advice on which types of plants to use in a checkerboard garden.

Pebble paving ideas

Paving is an essential part of hard landscaping in many home gardens as it can be used as pathways or as features. Pebble stone paving can also be the main focal point in your garden room or to spruce up a tired looking garden. Thus, if you need to spruce up your home garden or want to break the monotony of existing paving that may begin to look tired, to give it a refreshed look without breaking the bank, then this section will provide you with some inspiring ideas and the know-how to make and lay your own pebble paving slabs. The assumption that will be made here is that you already have paving slabs in your home garden. In this section the aim will be to help you to make your own garden paving using pebble stones.

We’ll be adding more sections in due course so make sure to visit us again.

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