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Cobblestone Edging

An integral part of formal gardens is the use of repetition and symmetry, especially in a large garden. This repetition and symmetry can be achieved by making use of hard landscaping features such as a fountain, a container collection, a checkerboard type paved garden, etc. But more importantly, this repetition and symmetry can be reinforced by using garden […]

The Basic Principles of Landscape Design

Garden landscape design is not achieved by following rules and regulations like a slave. You should ensure that your own individual taste, imagination and artistic sense serve as inspiration. Whatever your plan for your garden landscape entails, whether you plan on “borrowing landscaping ideas” or plan on creating your own landscape design, you should have at […]

Landscape design and the environment. Limiting Factors in Landscape Design

The design of your front yard landscaping, your backyard landscaping, and in particular your hard landscaping, is subject to many factors that influence it in one way or the other. This is just your basic “make sure you thought of everything before landscaping” checklist. Of course, with every landscape design being unique, there may be other […]

Backyard and front yard landscaping. Landscape design for beginners?

We often think that landscaping is an expensive undertaking that is only affordable to the rich. Such is the prevalence of this misconception that we tend to banish the thought of landscaping without researching the idea properly and determining if it is necessary to hire a landscaper, a landscape architect or a landscape designer. The truth is […]