Capsicum: The Sweet Bell Peppers

The Aji Colorado capsicum is a bright red orange hot chili pepper and registers about 3/10 on the heat scale of 1 to 10 and is thus only mildly hot, but tasty.

The Alma Paprika capsicum is a great chili pepper for drying, grinding and eating fresh. The walls of the fruits of the Alma Paprika capsicum is quite fleshy and matures from creamy white to bright red and orange. It is great tasting, slightly warm and sweet

The Anaheim capsicum makes a great cooking chili pepper as its heat level rates about 2/10. The Anaheim chili pepper is also known as California Chili and Chili Verde. It will provide an abundance of fruits. The Capsicum fruit in this variety is long and thin and can be used green and red if you want it hotter. If you leave the red chili on the bush they will turn leathery which can then be dried and ground into a chili powder.

The Ancho capsicum is a mild chili pepper that rates almost 0/10. The fruits are rather broad and are excellent to use fresh (almost like the bell peppers). It has a vivid red color and is sweet tasting.

The Ariane capsicum chili is also a very mild chili that rates hardly over 0/10 on the heat scale. The fruits of this chili pepper are a lovely orange and are bell shaped.

The Boldog Hungarian Spice capsicum has a heat level of 2/10 and consequently has just a fraction of the heat which amounts to almost the same as Paprika peppers. The fruits mature from green to purple then a deep crimson. To many the Boldog Hungarian Spice capsicum tastes like a sweet bell pepper. This capsicum makes for great drying and all that is required is to remove the seed and the placenta and dry. The fruits itself can grow up 15 cm (5.9 inches) in length and between 2 and 4 cm (0.78 and 1.5 inches) in diameter.

The California Wonder capsicum has virtually no heat level and is an old time favorite with many. It is essentially a large bell type pepper with sweet flavor and thick, fleshy, crisp flesh. This capsicum makes great salad, stuffing and cooking.

The Cascabella capsicum is also a mild chili pepper that rates about 2/10 on the heat scale. The Hungarian Wax type hot chili pepper it grows to about 4 cm (1.5 inches) in length and 2.5 cm (0.9 inch) in diameter. The fruits are cone shaped and mature to yellow and orange with medium thick fleshy walls which makes a great salad ingredient. This capsicum also lends itself excellently to pickling.

The Chili Releno capsicum has a heat level of 2/10 and is thus a mild chili pepper. The fruits grow to about 15 cm (6 inches) in length then become red when it matures. The Chili Releno capsicum is an excellent sauce ingredient.

The Chocolate Mini capsicum is a dark, glossy, mild, only 2/10 on the heat scale chocolate reddish brown bell pepper. It has a sweet taste with just a hint of spice.

The Ethiopian Thunder capsicum is a rather weak chili pepper that only rates 1/10 on the heat scale. The fruits of this capsicum are a dry, matt, deep maroon fruit when it matures. In fact when it is dry you will be able to count the seeds right through the skin. It is certainly one of the most beautiful chili peppers and most versatile of the capsicums around.

The Friggitello capsicum rates on 1 on the heat scale and tastes almost the same as the red bell peppers, but not as sweet. The fruits are cone shaped and will grow to about 14 cm (5.5 inches) in length and is great for frying and digests easily.

The Georgescu Chocolate capsicum is a Bulgarian chili pepper variety and has a heat rating of almost 0/10. his capsicum will thrive in cooler conditions and the fruits are thick-walled, dark chocolaty in color and have a great flavor.

The Giant Aconcagua capsicum also resorts under the group of mild chili peppers. This particular Capsicum will grow to a length of approximately 22 cm (8.5 inches) long and 5 cm (2 inches) wide. As with most chili peppers the fruits mature to a lovely red color. This Cuban type capsicum is used mainly in salads, stir fries, roasts, roasted or stuffed.

The Golden Marconi capsicum is another mild bell pepper from Italian origin. It is a beautiful large, yellow fruit that can easily reach 15 cm (5.9 inches) in length. Golden Marconi capsicum tastes delicious, mild and sweet.

The Health capsicum is the standard bell pepper that resorts under the sweet bell pepper varieties.

The Hungarian Cherry capsicum is a lovely mild tasty, delicious chili pepper. It rates 2/10 on the heat scale. The fruits of this capsicum are fleshy and make a great snack.

The Italian Sweet capsicum makes a lovely pepper for roasting and frying and is great to stuff. It hardly registers a heat rating.

The Jalapeño capsicum is a well known chili pepper that originated in Mexico and gain favor being an integral part of guacamole, salad dressing and most Mexican dishes. They rate about 2/10 on the heat scale.

The Jemez capsicum is another of the mild chili peppers. The fruit of this particular capsicum variety grows to about 7.5 cm (3 inches) and is a prolific provider.

The Jimmy Nardello capsicum registers 2/10 on the heat scale. The fruit of this capsicum is long and sweet.

The Klari Baby Cheese capsicum is cultivated in Hungary and is a lovely mild, chili pepper that rates 2/10 on the heat scale. It has absolutely no bitterness.

The Orange Bell Pepper is usually harvested while it is still green. This capsicum fruits have no heat rating. These Bell Peppers are sweet when fully ripened. Though they can be harvested when green, they are fully developed, but their taste is a bit astringent. Upon full maturity the capsicum fruits are sweet and the color is either red or orange or yellow. They are also referred to as rainbow bell peppers. They are all packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, beta-carotene and other carotenoids.

The Pepperoncini capsicum has virtually no heat rating. It is also known as Tuscan Peppers and forms part of the Capsicum annuum varieties. The Pepperoncini capsicum grows into a lovely bushy shrub that can reach heights of about 80 cm (31.5 inches). The fruits of this capsicum are picked when they reach a length of between 5 and 8 cm (1.9 and 3.15 inches). the fruits also take on a love bright green color that turns red on maturity. It tastes mild and sweet.

The Poblano (pronounced puh blah noe) capsicum is one of the mild capsicum varieties that register 2/10 on the heat scale. The fruits on this capsicum are heart shaped and have thick walls. When dried they are also known as Ancho Chili Peppers or Mulato Chili Peppers.

The Red Bell capsicum barely rates on the heat scale. These capsicums are usually harvested green and sold while they are still green. Ideally they should remain on the plant until fully ripened when they are red, yellow or orange, depending on the variety of capsicum. When green these capsicum taste astringent and when fully ripened they are sweet, hence the name sweet bell peppers. These capsicums are filled with vitamin C, beta-carotene and other carotenoids.

The Red Carmagnola capsicum rates virtually nothing on the heat scale. The fruits are very sweet, tasty and thick.

The Supra capsicum is a beautiful bell pepper that rates 0/10 on the heat scale.

The Topepo Rosso capsicum is a round red bell pepper that is great for eating, roasting or pickling. It rates virtually nothing on the heat scale. The fruit of this capsicum grows to about 5 cm (1.9 inches) wide.

The Yellow Bell capsicum also rates virtually 0/10 on the heat scale, like most bell peppers the Yellow Bell capsicum is harvested while still green. Then they are usually fully developed, but not ripe yet. Ripe peppers in this capsicum variety will change color to red, yellow, or orange. These bell peppers are filled with many nutrients, especially vitamin C. Red, yellow, and orange bell peppers also contain beta-carotene and other carotenoids.

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