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Chilies and Peppers

There are basically two types of chilies or chili peppers as it is also known. Chili peppers with bite and those without bite. Chili peppers are actually the fruit of the Capsicum genus, which belongs to the Solanaceae familiy; the same family as brinjals or aubergines, potatoes, and tomatoes. Peppers originated in the Americas but can be found worldwide nowadays and have been […]

Garlic: the most versatile herb

No kitchen- or herb garden is complete without garlic – or Allium sativum. Garlic originated in East Europe and at present day herb gardeners, home gardeners and kitchen gardeners the world over cultivate garlic. Not only because of the excellent qualities imparted by garlic, it also keeps garden pests like flies at a distance and as such is […]

Making the most of your herb garden. General tips when growing herbs

Growing your own herbs In an ideal world, everyone would and should be growing their own herbs to use as medicines, to cook with, and use as cosmetics, etc. Making tinctures, harvesting essential oils, making teas, decoctions, infusions will all contribute to healthy lifestyles. Illness would be a rarity. Food made from produce grown in […]

The Scoville Heat Units. Bell Peppers and Hot Chilies

The Chili Heat Scale In 1912 a chemist by the name of William Scoville developed a way to determine the heat content of the different types of chili peppers, albeit the hot chili peppers or the sweet bell peppers. This heat content is also referred to as the pungency of the capsicum. This pungency is indicative of the amount of […]

Herb Gardening

Have you always dreamt of having your own herb garden? Filled with herbs, aromatic herbs, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, cosmetic herbs and even ornamental herbs? Well dream no further, make your herb garden a reality. It is not difficult; in fact it is quick and easy, and not half as expensive as you might have thought. Available from most nurseries, DIY stores, […]


There cannot be a gardener around that does not know Lavender. Lavender is a herb that has been with us through centuries. Lavender originally comes from Western Europe. It is a traditional cottage garden plant that sports gray-green spikes of foliage and purple flowers all year round. The dried flowers of the lavender plant have always been […]