The Ultra Hot Chili Pepper Varieties

The African Birds Eye capsicum is a monster regardless of its size. It is so small, but it packs a punch. The African Birds Eye is a hot chili pepper and tends to grow towards the sky on a bush. One little bush or rather little shrub can have as many as 500 hot chili peppers on it. The fruits of this particular capsicum mature to a bright red. As they say dynamite comes in small packages. On a scale of 1 to 10 in hotness, the African Birds Eye capsicum rates 8/10.

The Bandai capsicum is a hot, vigorous Bird type of chili pepper that rates 6/10 on the heat scale. It has short fruits with smooth walls. The Bandai capsicum matures from medium green to red and measures about 5 cm (1.9 inch) in length and almost 1 cm (0.393 inch) in diameter. This hot chili pepper grows well in tropical and semi-tropical conditions.

The Big Sun capsicum variety. When talking about HOT this capsicum is positively flaming hot and reaches 8/10 on the heat scale. It is a Scotch Bonnet type of hot chili pepper that matures from dark green to bright yellow. The Big Sun Capsicum dimensions are 5 to 6 cm (1.9 to 2.36 inch) in length and 5 to 6 cm (1.9 to 2.36 inch) in diameter. The fruits itself weighs in at 15 grams (0.5 oz US / 0.033 lb UK) apiece on average. It is highly pungent and full of flavor. One tends to think of Big Sun capsicum in the same vein as the Golden Habanero hot chili pepper.

The Bolivian Rainbow capsicum rates in at 6/10 on the heat scale which makes it pretty hot. This capsicum makes a beautiful plant that lends itself to container gardening. It develops into a small shrub that bears purple flowers that will develop into purple and orange fruits that ripen into a bright red.

The Cayenne capsicum is a beautiful chili pepper that grows to an amazing length of approximately 20 cm (7.87 inches) and rates in at 6/10 on the heat scale. The fruits have a slight purple hue and apart from being a pretty hot chili pepper, it is also sweet, firm and delicious.

The Fresno capsicum is a hot chili pepper that rates 6/10 and is in the Jalapeno type of chili that sports conical fruits that matures from light green to deep red. The Fresno capsicum is a 6 cm (2.36 inches) long chili that measures 3.5 cm (1.378 inches) in diameter. It certainly makes for great pickling and salsa if you happen to be a chili pepper lover.

The Golden Habanero capsicum is an extremely HOT capsicum and rates a staggering 9/10 on the heat scale. With its fruity flavor the Golden Habanero capsicum has a kick like no other. It makes a very handsome plant and with the fruits on the little shrub it looks fantastic. The Golden Habanero chili pepper tastes totally HOT.

The Guntur Hope capsicum variety is a hybrid Thai hot chili pepper and is a very hot one at that. It rates 7/10 on the heat scale. The color on the Gunter Hope capsicum is an amazing dark green that matures to a dark deep red. The fruits of this capsicum is thin walled and HOT. Fortunately the taste, though hot does not linger in the mouth. The capsicum fruit of this variety is not sweet at all and grows to about 9 cm (3.543 inches) in length and reaches a 0.7 cm (0.275 inch) diameter upon maturity.

The Habanero capsicum is HOT and rates 9/10 for hotness. The Habanero capsicum fruit has a distinct fruity flavor and adds zest to salsas.

The Hot Pixie capsicum is a flaming HOT chili pepper that rates 8/10 on the heat scale. This capsicum variety is a Scotch Bonnet type of hot chili pepper that sports bell shaped fruits and matures from light green to an unusual red/orange color. The Hot Pixie capsicum fruits will grow to a length of 4 cm (1.575 inches) and 6 cm (2.362 inches) in diameter.

The Hotazel capsicum variety is hot to the extreme and rates 9/10 on the heat scale. Hotazel capsicum is a Habanero typ hot chili pepper that has wrinkled fruits that tapers out to a point and grows about 5 cm (1.9 inch) in length. As the fruit matures its color turns from light green to a deep red. Hotazel capsicum is used mainly in sauces and as essential oils. Beware the hotazel has the same health warning as the orange Habanero chili pepper. At maturity the fruits are 5 cm (1.9 inch) in length and 2.5 cm (0.984 inch) in diameter.

The Inchanga capsicum is HOT and rates 6/10 on the heat scale. This capsicum is a Korean/Cayenne type of hot chili pepper. This capsicum fruits can reach a length of 12 to 13 cm (4.724 to 5.118 inches) upon maturity and 1.5 cm (5.9 inches) in diameter. The Inchanga chili pepper is ideal to make chili powder.

The Malaga capsicum is a HOT candidate that rates 7/10 on the heat scale. It is a Capsicum frutescense (a Bird type) chili pepper. The fruits of this capsicum will be ready for harvesting in 120 to 130 days during the summer months and during winder between 140 and 150 days. (This period to reach maturity is measured after transplanting the seedlings.) Upon maturity the Malaga capsicum fruits change color from green to red and grow to about 2 cm (0.78 inch) in length and 0.75 cm (0.295 inch) in diameter. Thus it is rather small, but it packs a mighty punch.

The Manzano capsicum is very HOT at 7/10 on the heat scale. There is a lovely balance of heat and flavor in this particular capsicum variety. It is one of the Capsicum pubescens varieties of chili peppers.

The Nippon Taka chili is a hybrid Thai type of HOT chili pepper that rates 6/10 on the heat scale. The Nippon Taka capsicum plant itself can reach a height of between 60 and 70 cm (23.62 and 27.59 inches) and the fruits are borne in clusters of between 8 and 10 fruits at a time, on branches. Each of these fruits can weigh up to 5 g (0.176 oz US / 0.011 lb UK) each and is about 6 to 7 cm (2.362 and 2.756 inches) long and 0.8 and 0.9 cm (0.314 and 0.354 inches) in diameter.

The Peter capsicum is HOT at 6/10 on the heat scale. Peter capsicum is a totally weird hot chili pepper; it is wrinkled and bent into all directions. And as it is bent so versatile it is as well. The chili pepper fruits hang downwards from the branches and prefer its own shade even though the plant itself prefers full sun.

The Red Savina Habanero capsicum is really what its reputation says it is. It is totally HOT at 10/10 on the heat scale. This chili is really to be feared, no wonder it is used in the manufacturing of pepper-spray. If you are brave enough to taste a Red Savina Habanero capsicum raw, I am pretty sure that you will only do so once as once is enough for most people.

The Red Sella capsicum rates 7/10 on the heat scale and is also pretty hot. The fruits of this capsicum are red, fleshy, waxy and fiery hot – Certainly not for sissies. This capsicum is a very deceptive chili pepper – it looks totally beautiful, but it tastes fiery.

The Tabasco capsicum needs no introduction. The Tabasco is probably the world most known capsicum variety and the world’s most used one at that. It is a prolific producer, classic in its shape and HOT as well as easy to grow. It rates 6/10 on the heat scale.

The Thai Dragon capsicum is a Dragon indeed. It rates 7/10 on the heat scale is and HOT. This capsicum is widely used in Thai cuisine. The fruits of this capsicum dry easily but can also be frozen. Thai Dragon capsicum is edible in all its states whether green, red or maroon.

The Thai Sun capsicum is just as HOT as the Thai Dragon capsicum at 7/10 on the heat scale. This capsicum variety is a petite miniature plant that rarely grows beyond 12 inches (30.5 cm) in height. Despite its size the Thai Sun capsicum produces literally hundreds of little fireballs. Thai Sun Capsicum prefers to be grown in full sun free of wind.

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