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Vegetable Gardening | Beetroots (Umbelliferae – Beta vulgaris)

There are few things prettier than a beetroot with its dark red stems and bright green leaves that resemble beautiful umbrellas with dark red lacework on the edges. As a vegetable the beetroot is attractive enough to earn its place as a huge asset in any type of garden. Just imagine how eye-catching the display […]

Brinjals, Egg plants and Aubergines (Solanaceae – Solanum melongena)

How about putting purple in your garden – edible purple vegetables that is? Brinjals have originated from the Solanum insanum and the Solanum incanum. Brinjals are probably one of the most popular of vegetables with every country having its own particular way in which the people prepare them for eating. Brinjals are cultivated and eaten in most parts […]

Vegetable Gardening | Carrots (Umbelliferae – Daucus carota)

Carrots are commonly available vegetables and in many cases it is taken for granted. However, if we stop to think a bit about carrots then we can truly be astonished at this little powerhouse. Carrots are packed with nutrients, anti-oxidants, and beneficial qualities. Carrot origins can be traced to the Afghanistan region as far back […]

Vegetable Gardening | Cauliflower (Brassicaceae – Brassica oleracea)

Cauliflower a vegetable fit for royalty. If ever one happens to grow a cauliflower in a home garden, then one can truly say that one has a home vegetable garden because a cauliflower is one of the most difficult vegetables to cultivate successfully. In the event of the smallest, minutest error, one can be left […]

Growing Globe Artichokes (Asteraceae – Cynara scolymus)

Artichokes, or rather the globe artichoke is a thistle-like perennial that originated around the Mediterranean. It is a rather big but beautiful, architectural, ornamental plant / vegetable / flower and as such an asset to most home or even backyard gardens, regardless of the type of garden where it is planted and cultivated. Big because […]

Planting a Vegetable Garden

With the cost of living soaring ever higher and all the crises that we encounter it has become increasingly difficult to make ends meet for most people. Fruits and vegetables is an essential daily need and herbs are essential for both cosmetic and medicinal value. Apart from the economic value to be gained from vegetable gardening in […]

Planting the Vegetable Garden | Soil Preparation for the Vegetable Garden

Before you can commit your seed or seedlings to the soil in your vegetable garden, it is essential that you ensure that the nutritional base of the soil is of such a nature so as to provide optimum results for the vegetable growth. You can accomplish this by preparing and feeding the soil before you […]