Planting a Vegetable Garden

With the cost of living soaring ever higher and all the crises that we encounter it has become increasingly difficult to make ends meet for most people. Fruits and vegetables is an essential daily need and herbs are essential for both cosmetic and medicinal value. Apart from the economic value to be gained from vegetable gardening in […]

Planting the Vegetable Garden | Soil Preparation for the Vegetable Garden

Before you can commit your seed or seedlings to the soil in your vegetable garden, it is essential that you ensure that the nutritional base of the soil is of such a nature so as to provide optimum results for the vegetable growth. You can accomplish this by preparing and feeding the soil before you […]

Starting a Vegetable Garden | Planning and Layout

When planning a vegetable garden you need to meet a few basic requirements. These requirements are: selecting the right spot, having the right equipment, laying out, sowing and planting the vegetable garden, and feeding the soil together with nurturing the seed and the consequent seedlings. Planning a Vegetable Garden Selecting the vegetable garden site When […]

Growing Tomatoes (Lycopersicon lycopersicum and other tomato sp.)

There are so many varieties of tomatoes that it is not unthinkable to have a whole garden comprising entirely of tomatoes. Botanically speaking tomatoes are actually a fruit and not a vegetable, and to be more precise, tomatoes are actually a berry. However, most people refer to tomatoes as vegetables, hence the reason why it […]

Cobblestone Edging

An integral part of formal gardens is the use of repetition and symmetry, especially in a large garden. This repetition and symmetry can be achieved by making use of hard landscaping features such as a fountain, a container collection, a checkerboard type paved garden, etc. But more importantly, this repetition and symmetry can be reinforced by using garden […]